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Having professional images of products is one of the key components
for a successful online shop or to attract more clients on platforms
like Amazon or Ebay.
For this reason it's important to rely on an experienced
professional photographer.
I provide pictures and video services with all the requirements
for an online shop.

The pictures will be done in my studio in Rome and the products
will be shipped back as soon as the shooting session will be over.
We’ll keep in touch along all the process, from the planning
of the service to the image postproduction phase.
Approximately one catalogue session made of, for example,
white background product images for an e-commerce website
will costs €20,00 per image, postoproduction included.

Number of images

How many images do you need?

In order to evaluate an accurate quote it is
essential to know how many images you need.
This data allows me to evaluate how many working
hours will be needed for the shooting and
how many for postproduction.

Use of images

What will the purpose of the images be?

To provide appropriate graphic content is
important to know what will be the use of the
Will be used for a campaign on
Instagram or Facebook?
Will be published on the company’s website
or will be used for printed publications?
It is crucial information that
allow me to offer maximum support
to the customer to achieve the common goal of
excellence and quality.

Budget available

Although it is often a sore point,
decide or have a budget idea for the shooting
is a great help to quickly come to an agreement
and provide the most appropriate service for
your idea of price.
A substantial budget means an investment
higher in terms of resources and time while
a smaller budget, while maintaining unchanged
attention to quality will give more
consideration to the economic aspect.

Style references

Provide sample images to illustrate
what do you expect from the photo shoot
helps to clarify the type of result required.
I find important, to meet your needs, to
understand what kind of mood, or
atmosphere, you want to get.


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